Pick The Right Refreshments

How many of us feel like refreshing drinks can only be the health drinks that are now available in the market. That it’s only a fresh fruit juice that can refresh you. Because for most of us the word refresh immediately brings to our mind the image of something natural and something fresh and our first choice would be a drink or a vegetable to make a drink out of. But there are so many other beverages out there that are considered refreshing because they can make you feel energized to the same level a fresh fruit juice would or they quench your thirst in the same manner. For example for a greater number of people believe that iced tea is one of the most refreshing drinks you can have. Read on to find out what other beverages people consider to be refreshing.

Ever thought of alcohol to be refreshing? 

With all the choices that we have most of us would not opt to have an alcoholic spirit to refresh ourselves. But what if we told you there was an alcohol containing g drink that could do this. Yes the Midori Liqueur is an alcohol containing spirit that give you a refreshed feeling when consumed. It’s a melon flavored spirit that was first produced in Japan. And soon its market placed increased because of the excellent visual value that it gave to customers because of its bright green color. But what brought about its success was its refreshingly sweet musk melon flavor that was unique to the product and brought about a buzz amongst the consumers. Unlike many other alcoholic spirits like sloe gin this beverage can be mixed with a variety of other drinks to give an amazingly wonderful cocktail. For example many people recommend that you take it with orange juice, lime juice or lemonade to give the drink an extra kick and enhance the melon flavor to another level. Most consumers have fallen in love with the different types of cocktails that you can prepare for a variety of occasions with this drink. For example many of them recommend the cocktail called the Titanic Uplift which is a mixture of orange juice, gin and this melon flavored spirit. It quickly became a favorite amongst many and was considered a popular summer drink. Refreshingly cool on a hot summer day. So if you’re hunting down the supermarket isles looking for a thirst quenching drink on a hot summer day do keep this spirit in mind and try out your own mix of cocktail.