How To Pick The Best Yoga Teacher Training School? Read more

How To Pick The Best Yoga Teacher Training School?

Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Well, there are many yoga teacher training certification programs around. When you go for such programs, you will improve your knowledge about Yoga, as you need a deep knowledge about Yoga to become a teacher. When you have good knowledge about Yoga, you will be able to share your knowledge with your students. However, finding the best school for yoga teacher training can be a tough job. When you come across the right school, everything else will become easier.

Current scenario

Let’s first take a look at the current scenario. As of now, the significance of Yoga has increased all over the world. Today, Yoga has become a lucrative business as more and more people are practicing yoga to improve the fitness. As a result, there are so many yoga teaching schools everywhere. So, it has become easy for us to get a certificate in yoga teacher training. But the key is to obtain the certificate from the right institution. When it comes to fitness, people like to hire a health coach. But yoga teacher focuses only on yoga.

Ask the right questions

When it comes to physical fitness, you can hire a health coach in Australia. However, for physical and mental fitness you need the help of a yoga teacher. But when you are looking for a good yoga school, you need to ask the right questions.

• Do they teach only Yoga?

• Do they teach the knowledge that you are seeking regarding Yoga?

• What is the quality of their program?

• Did they produce qualified and famous professionals in the field?

• What is the cost of the training program?

• Is the school registered?

Is the school registered?

As stated before, this is one of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself. You should get your certificate only from a registered school. Otherwise, there is not much use to your certificate. You need to check the legitimacy of the school if you are concerned about your future as a teacher. Yoga Alliance is one such organization that can tell you a particular school is registered or not. When you check with them, you will get the information that you have been looking for.

The approach taken by the school

The approach taken by the school is equally important. Is their training adequate to help you become a good teacher? You need to look in to course structure and schedule to know more about their program. Also, you need to make sure that the course resonates with the practice that you follow. The important question here is that whether you will become a qualified instructor at the end of the course or not. Also, the course has to be extensive.

Putting A Price For A Catering Session Read more

Putting A Price For A Catering Session

Proper and successive catering is all about the creation of delicious delicacies that are priced adequate enough to gain profits and charged low enough to be competitive in par with the competitors. When pricing strategy comes into play one needs to be extra cautious in knowing your market and knowing how much your worth. Getting to know if the potential customer is cost conscious or money spender is important that will determine your proper pricing strategy. Here are some of the key tips that were expressed by expert caterers in the field what will make you think twice when arriving to the correct price for the correct type of consumer.

Be thorough with the intricate details and the large picture

Wedding buffet catering in Sydney and wedding caters state that simply knowing the number of guests you need to serve isn’t sufficient details to arrive at a comprehensive price. For instance a sit down dinner will consist of serving more food sessions in comparison with an all you can eat buffet. To arrive at a fair and realist price, the caterers need to know of all details no matter how minority it may seem. Get to know the date of respective event, since events held during the holiday seasons and other busy periods, the demand for caterers are at a peak. Therefore catering companies can increase their prices above their normal charge rate. The location of the event held is also another important aspect when arriving at a feasible price. If the event is held at a far distance off site, then catering companies need to take traveling and gas into account when placing a price.

The cost of meals

Placing a price for food is always tricky, the most simple way to do this is to have a flat rate for each dish or food that you will be serving. This way any customer can easily find out how much it will cost them for their required number of guests in attendance. The price that you wish to quote for each dish needs to be with a markup that will sure to bring your company profits.

Labor charges and other overhead charges

Serving of food is just one aspect in catering. You will need to find out how many staff which includes bartenders, waiters, serves and also how many dishwashers that are required for after services clean up sessions. Catering companies also need to take account of the number of hours or minutes any event runs over, and make sure the consumer is aware of the costs charges for each over run hour.