It’s A Win-Win If It’s Both-In-One

Food and drink, our source of life and sustenance: we are to perish without it. Nevertheless it is alright to experiment with these too elements and not be a slave to the most basic and therefore the most nutritious form of these elements. What is the point in being humans if are not allowed the freedom to experience what a creature with baser instincts cannot? Why not, for the sake of feeling superior, we indulge ourselves with more exclusive and expensive, not-utterly-healthy food beverage once in s awhile. As far as ‘utterly healthy’ goes, we almost certainly shall live to disappoint ourselves: how can we balance a hectic work life against a regular home-made, freshly-made, nutrient oozing meal? The answer is almost certainly, not possible. ‘Time’ the leering, sniveling cuckold-er here, we are not to escape its tease and bitterness. When you think of rearing children, managing a work life, paying attention to your respective spouses and siblings and their lives, coming and goings, not to mention your friends, how on earth can you manage good three meals coming straight off the home kitchen? The solution, at best, is a compromise. 

If you can arrange it that you are ready to bring a home-made meal for breakfast to eat at your leisure in the office, then you may not need to worry about lunch. Nowadays, there are plenty of places that you will fix you up a good lunch that is far from a fast food meal. If you have no other option you might want to make it a habit to daily visit one of these places.

Good service and good food, breeds good customers, as they say. You can even ask the kitchen to cook the meal according to your preferences, if it is a relatively chilled out day for the kitchen. And, in the evening, when you are tired and in need have a bit of alcohol in your system to get it up and running, you might want to check the same place out: it might be doing margaritas and long islands just the way you like. Also if you are a beer fan, they might be hording more tender and exclusive types: tag line is, don’t forget to ask.

This is better, they say

The craft beer lover in you may be in for a treat. Don’t hesitate to ask and don’t be willing to settle for a regular beer. Live a little. Click here for more info on craft beer from Sydney.

To a wholesome and spicy meal

A good portion of special pub food could be just the right meal for you.

If you want a nice burger to go with your cherished beer, then order away.